DPF Repair Hull Blog, today we will be mainly focusing on the Volkswagen, when the DPF becomes clogged and is unable to perform a regeneration.

If you need mechanical advice regarding a Volkswagen DPF that has become Blocked, do not hesitate to call us on 01482 343918.

When trying to solve faults on a Volkswagen with a Blocked DPF the first solution you could try is a regeneration by taking it for a run on the motorway and getting the vehicle warm to clean out the DPF, although most of the time the DPF will be too far gone and this will not work and require a professional flash clean.

Regeneration Guide

Volkswagen DPF Regeneration Guide

- Make sure the vehicle is at the correct temperature

- More than a quarter of tank of Fuel

- Drive the vehicle at a minimum speed of 50 mph for at least 30 minutes

- The DPF warning light will go when regeneration is complete

At DPF Repair, our priority is to do the job right – every time. With experience in handling the unique DPF (diesel particulate filter) system, you can trust us for an unrivalled service. Utilising the latest technologically advanced machine that is owned by few companies in the UK, we can restore your filter back to its original condition. We never just offer a quick fix.

We will always run a full diagnostic and live data check on your vehicle, this allows us to get more of a in-depth view of how the car is running, if there is any issues with the DPF that is throwing up the engine management light our diagnostic equipment will inform us, analysing the engine data will allow us to find the route of the issue and confirm the repair needed.

Once establishing the fault with the DPF we will proceed to take off the filter and place it in our flash cleaner machine for testing of the back pressure and flow rate, we will then clean and dry the filter before refitting it back to the vehicle ready for data resets and road testing.


The Flash Cleaner Machine is our successful tool for DPF cleaning and the result of a profound knowledge of particulate filters and cleaning methods. Utilising this machine is a technical skill our team have gained in the last decade, due to extensive experience in dealing with the difficulties of both drivers and mechanics. This application is the only machine on the market to clean all types of particulate filter. VARIETY OF OPTIONS You can: Remove the Filter Yourself and We’ll Collect and Clean It before Delivering It Back to You Arrange for the Filter to Be Removed at Our Service Centre (as Well as Cleaning and Refit) Drop the Filter off at Our Garage and Wait While We Clean It in Our Flash Cleaner Machine (Takes Approximately 60 Minutes)

The Symptoms of a Blocked DPF


The most obvious and clear symptom of a Blocked DPF is a dashboard warning light. It can be a very worrying experience when a DPF light shows up, but not to worry, if this occurs you should call us right away so we can provide the correct guidance.

The majority of vehicles are fitted with sensitive sensors that keep an eye on how the vehicle is performing, when a sensor detects a incorrect reading they will report to the car’s ECU (computer), if the correct readings are not being met your dashboard will pop up with a warning light.


This is what usually happens if you ignore the DPF warning light for a period of time, when you ignore the light the DPF will continue to get more blocked, so the limp-home mode will activate to prevent extensive damage and allow you to travel short distances safely. When your vehicle goes in limp mode your performance will significantly decrease, usually limiting you to a certain amount of revs to protect the vehicle.


Usually one of the first indicators that your vehicle is not running as it should will be a decrease in fuel economy. Once the ECU detects that there is a build up of soot starting in your DPF the vehicle will often over fuel as an attempt to raise exhaust temperatures and allow the DPF to regenerate and clear its self.

Just by keeping an eye on your average fuel consumption through the cars digital dash should give you an idea on how the vehicle is performing, if there is an unusual drop when performing similar driving it could be a sign that there could be blockages starting to build up within your DPF.


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