A Cost-Effective DPF Service Available in Hull, East Yorkshire

Recover your blocked DPF filter for a small FRACTION of the cost of a replacement. Our business in Hull, East Yorkshire, offers a full DPF service, which involves extensive car DPF filter cleaning to get you back on the road in next to no time. With a same-day service available, we can also offer you a courtesy car so your daily routine is not disrupted in any way (subject to availability).

An Alternative Just Isn’t Enough

When it comes to cleaning a DPF, we witness lots of different remedies being used. The majority are unsuccessful and simply a waste of money, while causing the core on the filter to burn out with the increased temperature triggered by forcing regeneration cycles. With DPF regeneration, purchasing short-term solutions such as additives and ultrasonic cleaners means that you’ll be back to square 1 in next to no time. Our services are available for:

  • Motor Cars:: Motor car DPFs are becoming an expensive service since being introduced in 2001 on most diesel cars. We offer a complete service at our auto centre in Hull, which involves removal, cleaning, and installation solutions carried out on the same day.
  • Light Commercial Vehicles: Our same-day cleaning service includes simply removing the filter in your own workshop before bringing it into us or using our removal, cleaning, and installation service.
  • Truck DPF: Truck DPFs can be cleaned via a same-day service.
  • Truck SCR: SCR filters are cleaned with a 24-hour turnaround.

Flash Cleaner Machine

The Flash Cleaner Machine is our successful tool for DPF cleaning and the result of a profound knowledge of particulate filters and cleaning methods. Utilising this machine is a technical skill our team have gained in the last decade, due to extensive experience in dealing with the difficulties of both drivers and mechanics. This application is the only machine on the market to clean all types of particulate filter.

Variety of Options

You can:

  • Remove the Filter Yourself and We’ll Collect and Clean It before Delivering It Back to You
  • Arrange for the Filter to Be Removed at Our Service Centre (as Well as Cleaning and Refit)
  • Drop the Filter off at Our Garage and Wait While We Clean It in Our Flash Cleaner Machine (Takes Approximately 60 Minutes)

Contact us in Hull, East Yorkshire, to find out more about our DPF filter service that involves car air filter cleaning.